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January Only

The January Boudoir Experience

Saturday January 21st 

This Boudoir Experience will be a day to hang out, pamper yourself, and celebrate these beautiful bodies that allow us to do all our favorite things each day!


Promoting self love this New Year and Valentine's season by getting yourself an appreciation gift for being so DROP DEAD BEAUTIFUL AND SEXY ALL YEAR LONG!! I know, its exhausting!

Session Price $625

Only four spots will be offered

It will include:

  • Professional Make up

  • Access to client closet

  • Digital download of the photos

  • Help choosing your outfit

  • Personal cheerleader and posing guide (me!)

  • Snacks & drinks

  • Goodie bags!!

Fall in love with your body

Main character energy only!

SF self portrait boudoir 2.jpg

Self Love

Our bodies are all beautiful! They allow us to dance, cook, and party! Walk in the park, talk with our friends, or watch our favorite shows, everything you love to do with yours is possible because you are alive and healthy right now!

No comparing to anyone else, or where we used to be or should be, your body is there for you RIGHT NOW! Through thick and thin, ups and downs, the only one who's been there for you through it all. 

And its about time we start celebrating our biggest fan: ourselves!


Women have always been told to be less.

Told to cover up, wear more make up, less make up, gain weight, lose weight.

Women's worth in society has always been measured by what she can do for a man.

But worth is measured by life, everything that lives has the right to live and exist in any manner, not measured by what they can do for man, or society, or the world, but valid because they are alive. 

You are worthy because you breathe.

Our bodies allow us to breathe.

Everyone has a body

and yet we are told to be ashamed instead of proud.

Hide instead of shine.

Be realistic instead of reaching for the stars.

Be humble instead of happy.

To be unapologetically ourselves is to love ourselves

even if people are screaming that we shouldn't.

We are amazing and passionate and powerful and the more we show our bodies and that we love them no matter what they look like, the more we take our power back.

What's Included?


I include a phone or video consultation with each session so we can meet, go over ideas, and ease any nerves!


Send me pictures of what you have, or a whole Pinterest mood board! I'm here to help with every step and also have a few pieces in a client closet if you're interested in borrowing one!


There are so many different options for boudoir locations, from hotel rooms, to your own home, or a secluded spot in nature, or maybe scandalous at the beach! We'll find the perfect one for you!

digital gallery

Digital downloads are included with each session! Prints or albums can be purchased a la carte so you only pay for exactly what you want!

Still have questions?

Contact me for more info!

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