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About the Photographer

Autumn Fedo has spent the last decade doing Landscape and Travel photography around the world. She is now extending that experience to Portrait photography to celebrate relationships and bodies of all shapes and sizes. She is a veteran and has a degree in environmental science. This passion for the environment inspires much of her portrait, landscape, and artistic photgraphy.

Why Portraits?

We are surrounded with life, happiness, beauty and love every day and it is important to spend time reflecting on ourselves, how far we’ve come, and focusing on how young, beautiful, and alive we feel right in this moment. This is why I want to capture these intimate moments since life moves so quickly and there is no better gift you can give yourself than taking the time to appreciate how wonderful you are, how proud of yourself you are, and fall in love with yourself exactly the way you are.


As seen in

Read more about the adventures and inspiration of Photographer & Traveler Autumn Fedo in her feature in SHOUTOUT ARIZONA.

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